How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filters?

For 3- to 4-inch filters, it is recommended to replace them every 6 to 9 months. For 5- to 6-inch filters, they should be changed every 9 to 12 months. This is a general recommendation, but there are a few factors that can shorten or extend the time between furnace filter replacement intervals. In most cases, you should change the filter at least every three months, even in summer.

If you can't remember to do it, a good rule of thumb is to change the boiler filter every time the seasons change. For 3- and 4-inch filters, plan to replace them approximately every six to nine months. If you have filters larger than 5 or 6 inches, you'll need to change them every nine to 12 months. The thickness of the filter also affects how often you need to replace it.

Thinner filters, such as the traditional disposable model (1 inch thick), should be replaced at least every two months. Thicker filters are designed to be more efficient because the thicker the material, the more debris it can filter through your home's air ducts. Even coarse-grained filters should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. If you're allergic to dust or pet dander, you should change your air filters more often than every 90 days.

The oven filter is used to clean the air of contaminants and dust just before the air enters the oven system. When it comes to maintaining a healthy central air system in their home, most homeowners know that they need to change their air conditioning filters regularly. And since it costs thousands of dollars to install a new oven, it's in your best financial interest to take good care of your own oven. To help solve this conundrum, here's information on how often you should change your oven filter.

If you live in a temperate climate and only use your air conditioner or boiler for a few hours a day, a filter could last an entire season or up to an entire year. If your house has a lot of dust, you'll need to change the one-inch and two-inch filters every month, the four-inch filters every two months, and the five-inch filters every three months. The oven is part of the HVAC air filtration system, responsible for absorbing cold air and heating it before it reaches the rest of the house through the air controller. If it looks like you've just cleaned the house and the surfaces in the house are dusty again, consider changing the oven filter and consulting an HVAC professional.

Long-term costs include more frequent repairs and the need to replace the furnace or the entire HVAC system sooner than expected. Over time, clogged filters can cause the delicate HVAC system to malfunction and cause permanent damage. If you live in a temperate region, such as the southwest, you might only run your boiler a few times during the winter, and the standard 90-day schedule might be right for you. We also offer filters for 5-inch ovens (16x25x5 or 20x25x), brands of air filters for the whole house and filters for rigid cell ovens. It also ensures that you replace the filter as soon as it is dirty enough to cause an airflow restriction.

It's a general recommendation that you change your home air filter every 30 days when using less expensive fiberglass filters.

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