What Size Filters Do Mobile Homes Need?

When it comes to replacing the air filter in your mobile home, it's important to know the size and type of filter you need. There are several types of oven filters on the market, including electrostatic, pleated, HEPA and activated carbon. Electrostatic filters are semi-permanent and last quite a long time, while pleated filters are very effective in trapping unwanted particles due to their surface. HEPA filters are not recommended for ovens as they tend to create too much resistance to air flow.

Activated carbon filters absorb fumes, chemicals and odors as air passes through the system. When upgrading an existing filter, many mobile home owners opt for a 1" thick, high-efficiency pleated filter and place it on the same oven filter retainer. A two-inch pleated filter would have twice as many square inches of filter capacity as a one-inch pleated filter. It's important to note that a poor quality filter or lack of maintenance can allow dust and other particles to build up on the surface and be trapped inside the fins of an air conditioner coil, reducing air flow and causing high static pressure.

Ovens installed in mobile homes generally use smaller ducts to fit the space of the house without requiring too much space. This is different from most conventional ovens that have filters in a filter compartment between the oven and the ducts. Changing mobile home oven filters is essential for proper heating system functioning and air flow throughout the home. When selecting an oven filter for a mobile home, it's important to consider the size of the ducts and the type of heating system being used (gas or electric).

If your system is marginally sized to begin with, placing the wrong filter in the slot would be detrimental to the life of a furnace, heat pump, or air conditioning system. Prefabricated filters for household ovens are used to clean debris, dirt and dust from the air stream that passes through any air conditioning system. It's also important to note that an oven filter can hinder the passage of air or even end up facilitating the introduction of dust and other forms of allergens into the environment. Those mobile home oven door filter applications are not recommended for keeping a system clean.

To ensure optimal performance from your heating system, it's best to consult with an expert before making any changes.

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